Many people, including parents, hold the view that teachers are the best people to offer career counselling / advice to students.

The truth, though, is very different.

Teachers are not entirely adept at career counselling as it is a totally different profession that requires certain skills and knowledge. Teachers are catalysts and can guide students – to decide on many important aspects, but the path can best be shown by a Career Counsellor.

The synergy of both working in tandem is critical to helping a student realize his potential.

Advantages in making Career Counselling mainstream and an active department in all schools:

  1. Career Counselling sessions in schools will provide clarity to both students and parents about the numerous career choices available today.
  2. It will help parents identify the strength and weaknesses of their ward. This would help to channelize their ability in the right direction.
  3. If further lowers the mental barrier that many parents may have towards non-academic and unconventional courses by making them aware of the potential of these courses.
  4. Mapping the aptitude to the interest of the child can be done in a more in-depth manner, thereby providing a comprehensive list of plausible career choices for them.
  5. The students can begin to work towards their specific goals having received appropriate feedback from the career counsellors.
  6. Providing accurate information about various universities as well as the scholarships in a timely manner can be achieved.
  7. Children with learning difficulties and other differences will be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses and opt for appropriate courses.
  8. It becomes an additional asset to the school as it provides a more structured, comprehensive system of academics and personal growth.
  9. It increases acceptance and lowers stress levels regarding non-academic courses like sports management, yoga, performing & fine arts and event management.
  10. Ultimately, if the school provides in-house guidance, students can save their time and parents, their resources. This is because nobody understands the student better than his or her teachers and when they work with the counsellors – the quality of the guidance is very high.

Every school – at it’s core – aims to help students realise their potential by energizing and guiding them correctly. For this to be achieved, every school has to invest in identifying every student’s aptitude and counsel them to chart a path that is best suited to them. This cannot be achieved without making Career Counselling one of the major components of the school & educational experience.

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