What is Career Counselling and how it is beneficial for my child? A question that every parent would have asked – at some point of time.

Quite simply, Career Counselling is a structured manner, in which to look at different career and related higher-education options. Choosing a career is not a serious affair, for many parents & students – until 12th grade. Once you are done with 12th, it is necessary to choose a definite career and decide a career goal, but unfortunately, it’s too late by then.

Given that there are hundreds of potential careers to choose from, it is important to take a balanced and objective view. Considering the market-potential (earnings) of a particular career is important, but there is so much more to it. It can’t be the only factor in reaching a decision. What are the other factors to take into account? Consider a few :

  1. Does your set of skills match the requirements for the career ?
  2. Is your temperament a match, or will it end up working against you ?
  3. Do you even know enough about the career, to seriously consider it as an option ?
  4. Have you been exposed to it in school – as a part of your curriculum or as an extra-curricular activity ?

..the list is long. Suffice it to say, that you cannot possibly “try” 100’s of options before deciding.

The information that a 16-17 year old has may be incomplete , or incorrect. This leads to an unfortunate situation – the pressure to decide builds up and a decision is made. Usually, this is dictated by peer-pressure or influenced by the immediate family.

This is where a Career Counsellor can help. An experienced and qualified career counsellor can assist in discovering your potential and aptitude and accordingly suggest the right path for you. Career counsellors usually assess multiple factors related to Aptitude, Interest and Personality.

  • Interests– what grabs your attention and keeps you focussed.
  • Personality – who you are & how you interact with the world around you.
  • Aptitude– what you are good at & what your natural talents are.

Understanding these aspects and their interplay, helps counsellors in narrowing-down to the right career path for you. The best part – you’ll also get to know why certain options are better for YOU !

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