1. What should you know about the AP Exams and how to go-ahead and prepare for them ?
  2. As an international student, why should you take the AP exams?

One of the benefits of AP exams, is that it allows school students earn college credits (mostly for US universities), while still in school. What this means is that you can also show the admissions committee your expertise in your chosen subject(s). This means that universities look favourably at an application with AP courses / exams because it demonstrates a student’s commitment and ability to succeed at university-level studies.

Once you’ve decided to take the AP exams and registered for it, Keep the following four strategies in mind so you can maximize your time and excel on your AP tests.

  • Do not procrastinate on your test prep.
  • Do not devote 100% of your winter and spring study time to content.
  • Do not miss study time in the summer.
  • Do not fail to review test day details.

Dates for 2022: May 2–6 and May 9–13.

Read more : https://bit.ly/3MX7kJv ( this article is US-centric, but does share some good tips)

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