Do you know that there is a difference between a Career Counsellor & an Admission Counsellor ?

Many parents & students assume they are the same – thus leading to dis-satisfaction after they consult a counsellor. There are also some assumptions – due to which we end up consulting the wrong person !

They both have their expertise & it is important for you to understand this, so that you know who to consult & what questions to ask. You’ll also be able to understand what outcomes you can expect from the counselling session.
You will also come across many people who offer both services – and that is ok. Once your expectations are clear, you’ll know whether you made the correct decision or not.

Simply put:

  • A Career Counsellor helps you understand which Career options are best suited for you and explains the rationale behind this.
  • An Admission Counsellor helps you choose between different College / University options and how they match your long-term goals.

To know more, watch the video: