1. Career Counselling (Class 9 – 12 | College students)

We help parents & students plan for their Higher-Education & Career. As a end-result of our sessions, you can expect to have a road map covering:

  1. Academic results
  2. Subjects to be pursued
  3. Personality & Interests
  4. Career Choices
  5. Skills & Abilities
  6. Choice of activites / sports

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2. Overseas Education

Universities outside India offer many options to students to pursue higher-education. There are many options in terms of Courses , Countries & budgets - and there is an option to meet all needs.

There are many reasons why students choose to study outside India, but the most popular reasons are the exposure and the wide variety of courses available.

Traditional powerhouses like USA & UK attract lakhs of Indian students every year - and in recent years – other countries have also become very attractive. These include Canada, Australia, Ireland & European countries.

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3. Solutions for Schools

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4. Overseas Boarding School admissions

We help & guide students learn and secure admission to the best Boarding schools in UK, USA & Canada. These schools admit International students from Class 9 onwards

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5. Summer Programmes

Many universities offer high-schools students an opportunity to explore College life & academics, through short programmes – usually Summer Schools ( and few Winter Schools)

We offer over 300 programmes 15 + universities , across the world.

These programmes allow the students to get a first-hand understanding of subjects, academic process and other aspects of college life. Perhaps the biggest advantage of such programmes is the exposure to students from all over the world and understanding their perspective.

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6. Understanding your child ( Class 5 to 8)

For younger children - aged 11 to 14 years – career may not make sense, at least not directly. What is important , however, for parents & children alike, is to gain an understanding of abilities , aptitude etc. This is important because many decisions that need to be taken at this stage are not linked to career choices. What are these choices :

  1. Should I learn guitar or chess?
  2. Football or badminton?
  3. Debating or Robotics?

Similarly, at this stage – as a child leaves the junior school - academics gain more importance. That is where a better understanding of the Learning Styles can change academic performance of a child.

  1. I like studying with Music – is that good for me?
  2. I like studying in a group.
  3. I can’t concentrate during Online classes

We offer assessments to understand your child Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences – which help laying a solid foundation for your child’s higher – education & career planning.

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